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Another very good day at the WDYTYA? Live Show

We got to the show for the 2nd day just before opening time at 9.30am and were all amazed by the number of people queued outside. We decided to wait for the queue to come to us, else we would have been walking halfway back to the hotel! As quickly as they went inside the hordes dissipated to all four corners and both levels of the exhibition so that it didn't seem too busy and there was certainly plenty of space to move, surprisingly.

I wasn't sure how I would fill in a second day, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of stands I found that I hadn't really looked at the first day. The day just flew by, with workshops, talks and chats to some very interesting people.

How amazing it is when you can access the experts to discuss specific problems you've been having with your research! We had a wonderful small group discussion with Brad Argent from and all of a sudden, the tool becomes much more useful and we feel excited about trying some new strategies in our searches. Thanks Brad for the lessons and your wonderful patience.

Now, for those of you wondering what a "Lacket" is after yesterday's blog, it is a small parcel of land or money, and no I didn't find one. Never mind, I'll have to keep looking.

Today is the last day of the show for this year, but we'll definitely be back next year and I can't wait to tell everyone back home how great it has been.


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