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Amazing first day of the show

Well, what an amazing first day at the WDYTYA? Live event in London. I can't believe the size of this event and would hate to estimate the numbers attending. I am told on good authority that attendance is at a record high. Just goes to show how many people are keen to know where they come from and just who they are.

Whilst standing in the queue to get inside, we were thrilled by a short, small snow shower. Fortunately, we were all dressed warmly as the weather is still very very cold, with the wind chill factor making it seem colder, if that's possible!

My guests were all very busy from when we got there until they left, exhausted at the end of day one.  Not sure if we shall be able to enjoy all 3 days, but we'll have to see.  So far, so good for today, there is still much to do, see and learn. One of the most exciting talks today is about the discovery of King Richard III in a Leicester Council carpark and how the remains were identified as those of the king.

Thanks must go to the lovely bunch of Genealogists who had dinner with us Aussies last night. It is really interesting to talk to these experts about their particular areas of interest.

Now, to the riddles posted among the archaic words yesterday. Did you work it out?

To slome is to wander aimlessly
Hubbleshoo is a commotion or tumult
To sprottle is to sprawl or struggle helplessly

Each of these words above is suggesting I have made a spelling mistake as I write them, and yet once upon a time they were common everyday words!

Today, I hope to find myself the beneficiary of a lacket. Anyone know what this archaic word is? I'll let you know tomorrow.

Cheers for now,


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