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Only 44 days till we leave for the WDYTYA? Live Event!

The countdown is on!

I picked up the travel documents from my travel agent today, so it feels like it is getting very close now. After our visitors leave this week, I shall put my suitcase on the spare bed and start to throw items of clothing into it, as I think about what to take to London. it will be a very different experience this time, as I am used to packing for the English Summer and now I have to think instead about what to pack for the Winter, and we are in the middle of our Summer. I hope my brain can cope with this!

My philosophy when traveling is to make sure I have my credit card and passport and I can do anything! The shopping in London is pretty awesome, too. However, i do want to make sure my lovely ladies are well equipped, the London winters are a lot colder than ours in Australia.

Another thought I'd like to put out there is my plans to extend my business this year to bring travelers from the UK and Ireland to our lovely country and take them on their own personal journey to see where their ancestors settled.

If you know of anybody planning to visit us, please let them know about our business.

Till next time,


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