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Wht a great trip so far and still 9 nights to go!!

WOW!! We have met living relatives, had experts waiting in churches for us to arrive and picked up our own Warwick tour guide!! What a fantastic trip this is so far, with our guests visiting family history centres, churches and homes that all "belong" to their families.

In Brent Pelham Coal Green Farm turned out to be Cole Green Farm and is still there along with a very knowledgeable manager to help our guest get all the history on the house their gg grandmother lived in in the 1850's.

In Horley, Surrey we discovered living relatives for one guest, and a "Horley Car" that was before unknown but manufactured in a garage that still exists!

Our trip to the National Archives was good, although not as productive as the Guildhall Library visit.  This visit also found us uncovering a hidden gem in the Guildhall Art Gallery complete with it's very own Roman Amphitheatre underground!

Tomorrow we have our very own personal tour guide in Jay Hooper to show us around the historical buildings in Warwick. Can't wait for that as he really is an expert on this stuff and has promised to show us a view of Warwick Castle not often seen by tourists as well as the prettest street in Warwick.

Lots more to come, stay tuned!!

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