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What a fantastic trip to Canberra!

Hi there,

Just back from our first research trip to Canberra, and what a wonderful time we had!  Our small group tours, with a specialty tour guide really make a difference in what you get to see and do at all the magical research facilities, some well known and some of Megan's "hidden gems".

Our group met for the first time on Wednesday evening at The Brassey Hotel for dinner, and from the first moment it seemed like we had known each other for ages.  Off to a great start, with a delicious 3 course dinner and a bottle of wine to share, all were looking forward to the exciting itinerary prepared by Megan and Liz.

After 2 full days of touring, fun, research and heads full of new found knowledge, we had our wrap-up on what to do when we get home, so the last 2 days aren't wasted!

The consensus was that the tour was great value for money and the common questions asked were "When are you running the next one of these?" and "How can I tell my friends and family about this?"

Answers to these questions and more coming up soon, but suffice to say, Megan and Liz are already in discussions and will firm up dates very soon!

For more information on any of our upcoming events, please call or email.  We are happy to discuss individual requirements and can accommodate most requests.  That's what makes our tours so great.

When in Canberra, Customised Heritage Tours chooses to stay exclusively at The Brassey of Canberra.

For more information on Megan Gibson, please have a look at her website Family Tree Time.

I will be back soon,

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